Paul J Corney is a well-known figure in the KM world, a prominent keynote speaker and Masterclass leader. One of the first ‘Knowledge Managers’ in the City of London in the mid 90’s, he has since advised global businesses on the creation and implementation of Knowledge Management programs.  Paul is also a member of the British Standards Institute Committee that is helping to create an international (ISO) standard for Knowledge Management. He is co-author of “Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion” and a contributor to “Making Knowledge Management Work in Your Organisation” published by Ark Group and a regular columnist for Business Information Review. His articles are widely read and he is one the KM thought leaders featured on http://www.ikmagazine.com/. He blogs at www.knowledgeetal.com and publishes in Business Information Review.
Since 1997, Paul Corney of knowledge et al has worked across a variety of sectors in Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East helping clients to identify and make use of the knowledge that resides inside their organizations. He has led master classes in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Lisbon and Singapore. He has conducted Knowledge Audits / Assessments for a range of global clients and been a pioneer of ‘information & knowledge audits’ that form the basis for strategies, roadmaps and implementation frameworks.

Photo courtesy of Paul Corney.

Taha Osman received his Ph.D. in Distributed Systems’ Fault Tolerance from Nottingham Trent University, where he currently reads Service-Centric and Cloud Computing and Semantic Web Technologies to Level 3 and MSc students. He is also the manager of the Computing and Technology postgraduate courses. Building on a strong research track record in intelligent multi-agent systems, Dr Osman started exploring the utilisation of the semantic web technology in the intelligent composition of Web services. The application of semantic technologies in Dr. Osman's research further expanded to intelligent information retrieval and knowledge management, which culminated in the collaboration with the Press Association – the UK's primer multimedia content and news provider, where Dr Osman's research team helped the company to develop a semantic-based image indexing and retrieval system that improves the accuracy and recall of PA Photos images search engine.
Dr. Osman has numerous publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals and is a reviewer for a number of reputable journals; for more details about his funding and publications track-record, refer to: https://www.ntu.ac.uk/apps/staff_profiles/staff_directory/125333-3/26/taha_osman.aspx

Photo courtesy of Nottingham Trent University Website.

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