Workshop on Sudanese Internet Content -- 28 - 29 January -- Mamoun Beheiry Centre
Forum on Knowledge Sharing -- 30 January -- Ewa Hotel
Masterclass on Knowledge Audits -- 31 January -- Corinthia Hotel
Reverse Brainstorm Session on Virtual Work -- 1 February -- Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation


Discussion Theme
“Creating a Knowledge Sharing Environment – Barriers and Solutions:
The Role of HR”
Facilitator: Paul Corney
TIME & DATE: 7 – 10pm, 30 January 2017

VENUE: Ewa Hotel, Nile Street

ORGANISERS: DAM (HRM Forum), Global Compact Sudan, and Sudanese Knowledge Society
TEAM: Lamia Dafalla, Naser Bur, Rayan Nimir
Participation: Free. By Invitation

Introduction (from Guest Speaker)

Organisations that set out to create an effective knowledge sharing environment will need to overcome many barriers. Most are behavioural and societal, encompassing leadership and engagement. The role of the HR professional in this process is key. 

In facilitating this session Paul will draw on research conducted for his co-authored book: "Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion" to be published 2017 and numerous assignments carried out in Asia, Middle East and The Americas. 

He will identify potential drivers for the creation of a knowledge sharing environment, examine the pitfalls that are likely to arise and suggest how HR can support such an environment.

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