Workshop on Sudanese Internet Content -- 28 - 29 January -- Mamoun Beheiry Centre
Forum on Knowledge Sharing -- 30 January -- Ewa Hotel
Masterclass on Knowledge Audits -- 31 January -- Corinthia Hotel
Reverse Brainstorm Session on Virtual Work -- 1 February -- Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation


Employing Concepts, Experiences, and Innovation to Enrich Sudanese Internet Content

 TIME & DATE : 9 - 5pm, 28 & 29 January, 2017

VENUE: Mamoun Beheiry Centre


SPONSORS: National Information Centre, Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, Sudani, and National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums

ORGANISERS: Sudanese Knowledge Society, Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, H.A.M. for Information Technology, University of Khartoum, Future University, National Information Centre, World Bank Group

TEAM: Marwan Awad, Nada Mahmoud, Wigdan Seed Ahmed, Ihab, Shoully, Muhammed Essa, Hamdi Salah, Mohamed Elmoj, Baderldin Mekki, Salma Mamoun, Yahia Holi, Yousif Abushara, Nada Amin

PARTICIPATION: Free. Registration Required
Introduction (by Team)
The digital content industry has become a vital indicator of the transition to a knowledge-based society, where content creation, organization, presentation in a user-friendly, reuse, and sharing are milestone step towards investing in information to gain access to the knowledge society, and to try to bridge the digital divide in the Sudanese relevant content on the World Wide Web. Digital content plays an important role in the areas of research, health, education and social services, technical and academic knowledge which directly results in economic and social returns that are quite measurable. For example, universities ranking depends heavily on the results of the web-metrics, which is an evaluation of on the digital content of the universities and ranking them accordingly. The web matrix used for universities ranking not only evaluates the amount of the digital content but equally importantly the frequency of the content updates and its relevance.
The evolution of digital content ecosystem is linked to continuous updating, adaptation, and rapid pace in the process of content creation and diffusion hence the fundamental process in the science of knowledge management lies in the tacit-explicit knowledge interaction and transformation. Availability of relevant digital content will foster this knowledge interaction, increase the internet adoption, insight decision making, and ease doing business in general. Digital content importance varies from the very individual level up to the highest level of decision making. Knowledge nuggets, which are small pieces of information knowledge on the go, such as ambulances numbers, first aid application, Google maps, or firefighter’s phone numbers can make an immense difference in people's lives. Similarly on the organizational and investment level, digital content is key to make sensible decisions and take calculated risks. Evidently, a study conducted in 2011 that a good digital content has positive impact on the short term development of statistical tools that leads to better judgments, and also positive long term impacts on the economic policy Nonetheless, the digital content quality is profoundly relative on the environment of which it is produced and disseminated, the cultural and legal setting, and the intended purpose of production and dissemination.
For Sudan to reap the benefits of digital content, Sudanese digital content needs a large boost on areas such as scientific research, culture, tourism, and commercial activities. To accomplish the desirable boosts, difficulties and factors hindering the process need to be identified and addressed.
This workshop aims to bring people of interest together to benefit from the collective knowledge of participants and reach an understanding as well as a network of people who are willing to push the content development agenda forward. The papers and discussion sessions aim at stimulating conversations on the Sudanese digital content  status quo, what we want it to be, and how we build and maintain the desired content. Therefore, the workshop is to discuss the following topics:

  1. The digital content and its impact on the society and the economy;
  2. The ecosystem of digital content, its players, and their roles;
  3. Techniques and mechanisms to increase Sudan’s content on the Internet;
  4. Policies, laws, and regulations that can support and enrich the digital content;
  5. Stakeholder Engagement, Profitability and Sustainability business models of digital content;
  6. Successes stories, experiences, and lessons learned from countries investments on the content on the Internet;
  7. Digital content enrichment and economic revival;
  8.  Key concepts of content and how to take advantage of the content in business development;
  9. Display obstacles encountered in the process of enriching the Sudanese content on the Internet and best practices;
  10. Partners and institutions consultation and discussion sessions on enriching the content and overcoming problems.

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