Discussion Theme
“Working Virtually: Managing Virtual Teams and Virtual Communities
Facilitator: Paul Corney
4 – 7pm, Wednesday 1 February 2017
ORGANISERS: Sudanese Knowledge Society and Education without Borders
TEAM: Sahl Yasin, Eman Mhamadin, Assad Mohammed, Enayat Salih
Participation: Free. Registration Required.

Introduction (from Facilitator and Organisers)
Today's successful organisations or groups will be as adept at working virtually as face to face. They will have invested in the latest video and virtual tools, yet they often fail to invest in the soft skills necessary to facilitate effective virtual working.
In this session:
Education without Borders will present their experience of working virtually as well as highlight some of the issues that face them and similar groups. 
Paul Corney will explore wide-ranging issues and examine the challenges of virtual working, look at examples of good and bad practice and propose 10 success factors. He will present the concept of 'virtual cake', illustrate how virtual working exaggerates the misuse of language and share his experiences of participating in virtual board meetings.

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