Workshop on Sudanese Internet Content -- 28 - 29 January -- Mamoun Beheiry Centre
Forum on Knowledge Sharing -- 30 January -- Ewa Hotel
Masterclass on Knowledge Audits -- 31 January -- Corinthia Hotel
Reverse Brainstorm Session on Virtual Work -- 1 February -- Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation

Saturday, January 7, 2017


This series targets information users and producers with focus on the Sudanese context.  We will consider our information environment and ask what content is important, and how to get people to contribute to and use it. We will explore specific questions, such as what knowledge is valuable in organisations and how to get people to share it. We will also consider knowledge representation approaches and technologies, and discuss contemporary phenomena like social media and the rise of virtual communities. The story of how this series came together is one about a connected world, an “orchestrated serendipity”. Let us hope we continue to discover ways to improve the ways we connect, on the ground and virtually.

While the planning for this series is led by the Sudanese Knowledge Society, its realisation is the product of a collective effort involving other entities and many people. We want to thank co-organisers of the various events and who made the series possible. They include: 

Our deep gratitude to sponsors of the events that include The National Information Centre, Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, Sudani., DAM (HRM Forum),  Global Compact Network Sudan, the Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation, and the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums.

We also want to thank our guest speakers, Mr. Paul Corney (knowledge et al) and Dr. Taha Osman (Nottingham Trent University), for travelling to be with us. Between their different perspectives on knowledge (where one is more focused on knowledge produced through interactions between people and the other on making meaningful representations of this knowledge), we are set to have a more whole view of the issues involved in the connections between knowledge and people, connections of knowledge to query, process, or to another piece of knowledge. 

The Sudanese Knowledge Society is grateful for the planning teams who are volunteering their time and effort to provide a comfortable and stimulating setting for the different events.

Schedule of Events in Series

28 – 29 January
(full days)

Mamoun Beheiry Centre, Alamarat, Khartoum

SPONSORS: National Information Centre, Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, Sudani, and the National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums

ORGANISERS: Sudanese Knowledge Society, Morgan for Information and Communication Technology, H.A.M. for Information Technology, University of Khartoum, Future University, National Information Centre, World Bank Group

TEAM: Marwan Awad, Nada Mahmoud, Wigdan Seed Ahmed, Yahia Holi, Ihab Shoully, Muhammed Essa, Hamdi Salah, Mohamed Elmoj, Baderldin Mekki, Salma Mamoun, Yousif Abushara, Nada Amin

PARTICIPATION: Free. Registration Required.

30 January
(7 – 10pm)

Ewa Hotel, Nile Street, Khartoum
SPONSORS: DAM, Global Compact Network Sudan
ORGANISERS: DAM (HRM Forum), Global Compact Network Sudan, Sudanese Knowledge Society
TEAM: Limya Dafalla, Naser Bur, Rayan Nimir
PARTICIPATION: Free. By Invitation.

31 January
(9am – 5pm)

Benghazi Conference Room, Corinthia Hotel, Nile Street, Khartoum
ORGANISERS: Sudanese Knowledge Society and Knowledge et al
TEAM: Hana Elsadig, Hanadi Elshayeb
PARTICIPATION: Fees Required. See Registration Information.
1 February
(4 – 7pm)

VENUE: Federation of Sudanese Businessmen and Employers (Facing Alsalam Rotana Hotel)

SPONSOR: Sudanese Businessmen and Employers Federation
ORGANISERS: Sudanese Knowledge Society and Education without Borders
TEAM: Sahl Yasin, Eman Mhamadin, Assad Mohammed, Enayat Salih
PARTICIPATION: Free. Registration Required.

Gada Kadoda, Ph.D.
Series Coordinator

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